NYLON NOOSE (1963) Mad Doctor Krimi thriller reviews

nylon rope is a 1963 German mystery thriller Krimi about a serial killer who threatens the wealthy using the titular murder weapon.

Directed by Austrian Rudolf Zehetgruber (Nessie, das verrückteste Monster der Welt; The Dartmoor Inn; Piccadilly null Uhr zwölf; The black cobra) from a screenplay co-written by Fred Ignor and Thomas Engel. Produced by Erwin C. Dietrich and [uncredited] JosephRobert.

The Monachia Filmproduktion stars Dietmar Schönherr, Helga Sommerfeld, Laya Raki, Adi Berber, Gustav Knuth, Ernst Schröder, Kurt Beck, Hedda Ippen, Chris Van Loosen, Edi Huber and Alex Freihart.

Our point of view:
Although not a Rialto or CCC production, nylon rope nevertheless features many of the entertaining tropes associated with Krimi thrillers.

This mish-mash involves a tantalizing nightclub act, flirtatious and illicit relationships, intrigue, greed, diaphanous babydolls, conversations overheard through air vents, casually acquired diamonds, a crazed doctor. , a hideous servant with a burnt face (Adi Berber), catacombs and even bizarre-looking mummies caused by the “strange substance in the air of this region”. Plus, there’s a black-gloved serial killer who demands large sums of money from wealthy victims!

Unlike the ancestral stacks of most Krimi films, Elford Manor – where most of the film takes place – actually resembles English architecture. That said, later brief shots outside a nightclub are clearly set in Germany with no attempt to render the facades British. Overall, production values ​​are slightly middling and Rudolf Zehetgruber’s direction is rather flat, showing none of the elegance that characterized the work of Krimi regulars Harald Reinl and Alfred Vohrer. The apparently required comic content is provided by Masters, the Inspector’s assistant.

Although he is not a first-rate Krimi, nylon rope is better than the weaker entries in the German mystery thriller subgenre and is definitely worth a watch for fans. Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:
“…it’s a pretty standard problem […] The serial killer provides the horror content, although a “mad scientist” type character also seems to play a part in it, and Ady Berber is always good for a scare or two. Thoughts and ramblings on fantastic films

“It’s an entertaining first krimi. Although not officially part of the Edgar Wallace series, it definitely has all the hallmarks. The inspector shyly woos the lead actress, there is a comic-relief assistant […] It also has a creepy side, with the heavy monstrous aspect of London Dead Eyes crawling around the caves under the mansion. Goblin Hair Guy


Cast and characters:
Dietmar Schönherr … Inspector Eric Harvey
Helga Sommerfeld … Jane Stone
Laya Raki … Nicole
Adi Berber … Henry, assistant to Lord Elford
Gustav Knuth … Charles Clifton
Ernst Schröder … GB Harrison
Kurt Beck … Donald Smith
Hedda Ippen … Mrs. Mabel Wells
Chris Van Loosen … Marilin Wells
Edi Huber … O’Connor
Alex Freihart … Sir David Elford
Walter Kiesler … Van Dorn
Erwin Parker … Wilkins
Denys Seiler … Master Sergeant
Gustav Kloster … Lord Elford

Original title:
Die Nylonschlinge

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