OTT: comforting home cooking and Aishwarya’s “eco-horror” film


‘Home’ navigates through the heartwarming and heartwarming story of a father-son duo who juggle to adapt to each other’s lifestyles and find common ground

Malayalam film Home garners rave reviews as a positive and straightforward family artist, while Aishwarya Rajesh directs another Tamil film, “Boomika” produced by Kartik Subburaj

A simple and heartwarming family story, told directly, without any dramatic twists. There are no dark or twisted characters here, but people who struggle with common issues like mastering technology on a daily basis or how to accompany your tech-savvy kids to forge a meaningful connection.

This is the Malayalam movie, ‘Home’, which started airing on Amazon Prime and is widely loved by critics.

It’s refreshing in these times to relax with ‘connectable’ characters, soak up some artisanal wisdom, and get a lesson in opening our hearts and minds to listen to the people around us in. our own homes.

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The film tells the story of a humble and tech-challenged father (brilliantly portrayed by veteran actor Indrans) named Oliver Twist (there’s a backstory for that nickname!). He lives with his father (Kainakary Thankaraj), wife Kuttiyamma (Manju Pillai) and son Charles (Naslen), who is a vlogger, in Thiruvanthapuram.

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Oliver’s eldest son, Anthony (Sreenath Bhasi) is a one-movie wonder filmmaker, who is battling writer’s block.

Oliver Twist wants more of his sons who are immersed in their phones and social media. He aspires to bond with them, to be their best friend and to be a part of their world. So, he decides to get a smartphone to catch their attention and establishes a slight ephemeral connection. But, he doesn’t get the respect and admiration he wants, his son Anthony (played by Sreenath Basil) prefers to watch his fiancee’s father, who succeeds.

Indrans brilliantly tried out the role of the technologically challenged father in Home

Oliver turns to a psychologist to make the necessary changes in his life, but it turns out he’s more modern than his sons realize.

‘Home’ is a contemporary approach to a problem facing families. The film was elevated a few notches higher by Indrans’ quiet playing with his minimalist gestures and expressions. Critics have hailed it as a heartwarming, positive relationship story that seeks compromise, not confrontation.

It seems Indrans can completely relate to the character of Oliver. He said in a statement: “Like him, I’m not that comfortable with technology and social media in real life. What I really liked about ‘Home’ is that he highlights the generation gap between parents and their children.

For actor Sreenath Bhasi, who was also a pleasure to watch in the film, “Home” is much more than a film about the generation gap and the technological challenges facing parents.. “It makes you question the importance and care we give to our relationships … My character is like any of those thousands of millennials totally absorbed and lost in the chaos of a modern, media-savvy world. social and technological, ”he said. added.

‘Home’ navigates through a heartwarming and heartwarming story of a father-son fromowho juggle to adapt to everyone’s lifestyle and find common ground. Kudos to Rojin Thomas, the famous director for ‘Philips and the Monkey Pen’ and Jo and the Boy ‘— for making this simple movie. Not like one of the recent Malayalam movies that left you in awe of watching two people fight endlessly.

Aishwarya Rajesh: the flavor of OTT

This Tamil film produced by Karthik Subbaraj has Aishwarya Rajesh in mind. It is billed as an “eco-horror” film and follows on from its other crime thriller, “Thittam Irandu,” which landed on Sony Liv last week.

Netflix South tweeted about this movie on its Twitter account. But, interestingly, the film won’t land on the weekend but a day after its TV premiere. Akshay Kumar’s “Bell Bottom” has also opted for a theatrical release and has garnered rave reviews ignoring OTT for the time being. Is this the beginning of the OTT which is losing its luster?

“Boomika” will begin airing on Netflix earlier this week on a Monday (August 23). The trailer suggests the movie is about the fury nature unleashes when it loses patience and begins punishing humans for every action that harms the environment. ‘Boomika’ is written by Rathindran R Prasad, who directed the short ‘Inmai’ with Parvathy and Siddharth in ‘Navarasa’.

Meanwhile, Netflix South is also promoting Mani Ratnam’s “Ok Kadhal Kanmani” and his cult movie, “Bombay”. You can check it out for Ratnam’s special mark of paying a magical ode to love.

An English film in the action thriller genre is “Sweet Girl”, which also begins airing on Netflix on August 20. Jason Momoa plays a grieving father seeking revenge for his wife’s death. As he tracks down the people he believes responsible for his disappearance, he must protect his daughter, Rachel. The thriller is directed by Brian Mendoza.

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