Oxygen Book Club’s September pick is a dark mystery over assault, privilege and revenge


Sure, some people rave about pumpkin spice or the weather of sweaters, but is there something that Actually puts you more in the autumn mood than a good thriller?

This is what we feel here at Oxygen Book Club , where we highlight books in the criminal sphere every month and offer exclusive interviews, guided discussions and more. We are very happy to announce that the choice of September is “The missing hours” by Julia Dahl.

We ran through this detective story about Claudia Castro, a freshman from NYU who seemingly has it all: a famous family, tons and tons of money, social media hungry. His existence seems charmed. But not all is what it seems – and Claudia’s life seems to be falling apart after being sexually assaulted on a drunken night. Claudia cuts herself off from her loved ones as she is reeling from the attack and eventually disappears. What happened to him ?

This is a quick, compelling read that directly examines thorny issues like privilege, revenge, and tragedy, delving deep into how sexual assault shapes more than just the victim. Dahl revealed that the inspiration for “The Missing Hours” actually came from a real case: a high school student from Steubenville, Ohio was sexually assaulted by classmates after becoming too intoxicated at a house party. The students were filmed laughing about it, and ultimately two of the young men were convicted of their role in the assault. This book, she said, was born because she “couldn’t help but think of that girl. What did it do to her? What did it do to people? who loved him? “

“The Missing Hours” is a smart, thoughtful, and compelling book. You will have a hard time letting go of this novel. Read with Oxygen Book club, aAnd keep an eye out for our video interviews with Dahl, as well as the Guided Discussion questions. Good reading!

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