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It’s amazing how many crime dramas involve a new copper — either fresh out of the academy or new to a homegrown force — who finds himself locked in the depths on his first day. It’s a useful technique because it means there’s an air of mystery behind the beginner. They are an unknown quantity, usually with a background story.

If you want to avoid all spoilers, stop reading this article now.

In Seizure, it is detective Max Sørensen who has been transferred to Oslo after a family bereavement; and on the very first day, he and his new partner – Detective Sander Holm – are called to a disused, empty swimming pool where the bodies of four teenagers have been found dead. No alcohol or drugs are involved – so why are they here and how did they manage to drown in an empty pool?

As detectives search the building, they hear curious noises coming from the huge pipes that supply water to the pool itself. What they find will give you nightmares for weeks if you suffer from Cheliphobia – the fear of eels.

Credit: Walter Presents

Soon they find out from a witness that there was a fifth boy at the pool that night – with a tall, thin man who apparently had some sort of hold on the teenagers. Where is the other boy, and who is this sinister man?

This is a supernatural thriller involving these two cops – who, of course, don’t get along and have opposing opinions and approaches to police work. (Is there a show where two cops get along and have no problem? Probably not.) After finding the boys dead, the two men begin to suffer from hallucinations about things that haunt their past. , including nightmares about those creepy eels.

Anders Danielsen Lie plays Max, a low-key, rule-abiding officer who is troubled by the loss of his young son. He and his wife, Asha (Selome Emnetu), grapple with their marriage and the hole their son’s death has left in their lives. Anders Baasmo plays Sander, an old school brass who is xenophobic and obnoxious, but who is a benevolent presence for his handicapped brother, Bo.

Walter Presents: Seizure
Credit: Walter Presents

The show is very dark; very Nordic. It rains heavily – indeed, water plays throughout the show, from the swimming pool (empty when the boys are discovered), a dream sequence where eels swim around a bed, to a torrential thunderstorm.

And it will startle you – probably several times. There’s a scene involving a kitchen sink that made me spill my tea!

The performances of the two pellets are excellent; and the dark, ominous direction takes you down a path you don’t want to go down. It’s uncomfortable. It’s frightening. And it’s convincing. And at its heart, there is an intriguing story.

If you like a mystery with a supernatural twist – and can overcome those damn eels – this should tick your box.

Walter Presents: ‘Seizure’ launches on Channel 4 on the 26the June at 11 p.m. The complete set will be available on Walter Presents via All 4 on Friday the 24the June.

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