Prime Video’s Goodnight Mommy remake trailer delves into the mystery

Naomi Watts in Good Night Mom

2014 Austrian film Good night mom is super scary. Really creepy, sticking with you why-did-I-look-that scary…in a fun way. Without telling you too much, it’s about twin brothers who suspect that their mother was replaced by an impostor once she returned home after some kind of cosmetic surgery with bandages all over her face. As her behavior becomes more erratic and strange, the twins begin to push their “mother” away and try to force her to admit that she is not who she claims to be.

As anyone who has seen the film knows, there is some twists it’s happening, and this trailer for the US remake from Prime Video carefully avoids revealing too much (although there are still a few small clues). It even teases other potential mysteries, suggesting it might not follow the exact path of the original film, but saying too much might end up spoiling the story, even if it’s not identical to the other. So just because you might know what’s going to happen… you might not know what’s going to happen, and if that means less stuff with bugs, then so be it. (A creepy impostor mother is one thing, but insects are too scary.)

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Good Night Mom – Official Trailer | First video

What we can say is that Naomi Watts plays the mother in this one, although you won’t see much of her face, and real-life brothers Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti play twins Elias and Lucas (l original had identical twins named Elias and Lukas as the stars, so it’s a little weird that they didn’t just change their character names to Cameron and Nicholas). The remake was directed by Matt Sobel, who worked on New cherry flavorand it will be available on Prime Video on September 16.

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