Rebecca Hall stuns in this spooky horror movie

Rebecca Hall appears in Andrew Semans’ “Resurrection,” an Official Selection in the Premieres section of the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Wyatt Garfield.

Editor’s Note: This review was originally published as part of our sundance film festival 2022 cover on February 4, 2022. It was reposted in light of the film’s theatrical debut.

A year after pulling off a different kind of horror show in “The Night House,” Rebecca Hall returns for another terrifying portrayal of a woman on edge. This time, rather than dealing with supernatural mirrors of past trauma, Hall plays a compelling protagonist thrown into the crucible of domestic violence: Margaret is a successful medical executive who is faced with the unexpected presence of her former abuser David (a Tim Perfectly Chilled Roth) as he begins to appear on the periphery of his life.

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About “Resurrection”: A Possessed Woman

Hall, who has yet to find a role that might confuse her, fully relies on Maggie’s whole-body response to her monster’s reappearance: at first glance, she drops everything and walks away from the scene. Midway through the film, when Maggie reveals her horrific past to an unsuspecting friendly ear, director Andrew Semans simply holds the camera on Hall, whose face is engulfed in a dark void as she delivers one of the darkest monologues. highlights of his career.


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Hall plays Maggie as a possessed woman, with David’s reappearance sending her into a constant fight or flight state. And the way her distress bounces off other characters — Maggie’s co-workers, her rebellious teenage daughter (a great Grace Kaufman), David himself — is the film’s secret sauce.

“Resurrection” is not for everyone. It takes some major turns, especially in its third act, which becomes positively Cronenbergian in its disconcerting body horror. But it’s hard not to admire “Resurrection” for its sharp reflection on sexual trauma, for Semans’ cold and isolating camerawork and above all for one of the most living horror performances in recent memory.

Rating: A-

103 minutes. Real: Andrew Semans. With: Rebecca room, Tim Roth, Grace Kaufman, Michel Esper, Angela Wong Carbon. “Resurrection” hits theaters on July 29 and on-demand on August 5.

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How to watch “Resurrection”

“Resurrection” will premiere in theaters on July 29. It will be available digitally and on-demand starting August 5.

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