RESTLESS (2022) Netflix Action Crime Thriller Reviews

Restless is a 2022 French action-thriller about the life of a corrupt cop who spirals out of control when he covers up an accident.

Written and directed by director of photography Régis Blondeau, he made his directorial debut. It is a remake of the 2014 Korean film A hard day (a.k.a Ggeutggaji ganda).

The film stars Franck Gastambide, Simon Abkarian, Michaël Abiteboul, Tracy Gotoas, Jemima West and Serge Hazanavicius.


Indicted for corruption, Lieutenant Thomas Blin (Franck Gastambide) must go to his mother’s funeral in the middle of the night. While trying to avoid a dog on the road, he accidentally bumps into a man and kills him instantly.

Panicked, he decides to hide the body. Believing to be out of the woods, he finds himself embarked on a downward spiral when the investigation into the missing individual is entrusted to one of his colleagues, and a mysterious witness tries to blackmail him…


“In the Restless world, you really can’t pick a good guy because every person is somehow involved in some foul play, and maybe the lack of extremely good and bad makes it a decent watch […] It’s an engaging watch that doesn’t have much to think about…” Digital Mafia Talkies

Restless tried unsuccessfully to take the original blueprint for a fantasy action thriller, give it even more action, and call it a day, not understanding what made the original good in the first place. Restless better to avoid as there are many other good offers if what you are looking for is action and thrills.” 3/10 fictional skyline

“There is a plot missing from the very important protagonist of the story, and it continues the storyline as it has been done hundreds and thousands of times in other films. It is both easy to guess and frustrating that the remake come to you, won’t it be something new or different? 2/5 Hype Filmy

“It’s entertaining, but definitely better to watch without spoilers. Something you can’t do if you’ve watched the movie that this is a remake of. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the story and the many twists, it makes for an intense thriller with crazy action elements. horror paradise

“Most of the direction feels derivative and fill-like. Régis Blondeau, the director of the film, tries to borrow snippets of modern classics to create a mess without appeal. There’s no clarity in what he does and how he handles the moving parts of his story. The storytelling is toothless and aimless. Raised on the movies

Restless made me wonder why I’m expected to feel sympathy for the villain. Or even follow him, for that matter. Plus, the storyline follows the most predictable route you’ve seen a million times and leaves you feeling annoyed and unsatisfied. Leisure byte

“Overall, as a first movie, this movie is a decent, easy watch. The movie doesn’t offer anything new as far as the storyline goes – it’s all we’ve seen before, but there’s has solace in that, so if you’re looking for a decent, insane action flick Restless is the one.” Stable cut ready

Release date:

Restless will premiere on Netflix on February 25, 2022.

Cast and characters:

Franck Gastambide … Thomas
Simon Abkarian … Marelli
Michaël Abiteboul … Marc
Tracy Gotoas … Naomi
Jemima West … Agatha
Serge Hazanavicius … Commissioner Vaubour
Victory Zenner … Louise
Michel Perez … Michel Bourgi
Nabil Missoumi … Barcelona
Fabrice de la Villehervé … Mortuary Room Manager
Anaïs Ciriello … Nurse 1
Arnaud Dumont … Gendarme at the roadblock
Patrick Bull … Squad leader at the dam
Marius Blondeau … Agent Bertin
Laurence Briand … Nurse 2
Pierre Cevaer … PC security guard Pierre
Blaise Ludik … Tattooed
Hélène Viviès … Commander IGPN
Laurent Maurel … Curator Libanski

Original title:

Tirelessly ” Tirelessly “


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