Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Director Is Developing Horror Movie Based On Tarot Cards

In 2019, filmmaker André Øvredal brought an adaptation of the beloved to life Scary stories to tell in the dark series of books, with Deadline confirming that his next project will also be an adaptation of a well-known property, since he will be directing the film Tarot, inspired by the practice of divination. This won’t be the first film to take direct inspiration from objects known to possess otherworldly abilities, having previously received films like Witchboard and Ouija, with fans who will be both curious and excited about how the age-old practice will be interpreted for the film.

Details of the project have yet to be officially released, although the outlet notes, “The Project is a high-level thriller based on tarot cards.”

The use of cards as a process of divination or divination, known as “fortune telling”, is not limited to tarot, although these cards are the most well-known elements involved in the ritual in English speaking countries. Given the various compelling illustrations that are traditionally portrayed or performed on the 78-card deck, it’s unclear whether the film will explore the origins of these characters and scenes, or whether the film will draw inspiration from the process of tarot reading. .

Clearly Øvredal is no stranger to grappling with beloved concepts, finding ways to honor their origins while imbibing his own sensibility, which we will not only see more of in Tarot but also in a suite to Scary stories to tell in the dark.

A difference the public can expect from the announcement-Scary stories The result is that Øvredal will try to channel more illustrations from Stephen Gammell’s series of books.

“I learned so much about Scary stories, but also on Scary stories and I think we’ll tap into Gammell’s visual world even more in the sequel than in the first movie, “Øvredal said with Collider Last year.

We do not know when the Scary stories The sequel could move forward, however, with Øvredal’s update last year being that it was on hold and no details have been revealed since. In 2020, he noted, “From a production standpoint, we’re in a pattern of waiting, but not really because we’re just developing the story and the screenplay, which takes a long time because it’s not used. nothing to make a sequel to that movie unless it’s high and awesome and ideally better than the first movie. ”

Stay tuned for updates on Tarot.

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