Sci-Fi Mystery Thriller Ultrasound Gets Trailer, Poster And Images

Ahead of its March release, a trailer, poster and images have arrived online for the sci-fi mystery Ultrasound. Based on the comic Generous chest by Conor Stechschulte, the film follows a man who spends a strange night with a married couple after their car breaks down during a rainstorm, setting off a chain of events that alters not only their lives but those of many random strangers.








Driving home late at night during a heavy rainstorm, Glen has car trouble. Near where his car is stuck, he spots a house, knocks on the door, and is greeted by a strangely friendly middle-aged man, Arthur, and his young wife, Cyndi. The odd couple pour him a drink, then more drinks, followed by an unexpected offer Glen can’t refuse. Elsewhere, a young woman, Katie, feels emotionally weighed down by a secret romantic arrangement that feels like a textbook case of gaslighting. And at the same time, at a nondescript research facility, medical professional Shannon begins to question her role in a bizarre experiment, fearing it’s doing more harm than good.

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Directed by Rob Schroeder, Ultrasound features a cast that includes Vincent Kartheiser, Chelsea Lopez, Bob Stephenson, Brenda Wool, Tunde Adebimpe and Rainey Qualley.

The Ultrasound hits theaters and on-demand on March 11.

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