Should you stream it or skip it? What does our review say?

You can translate everything into any language you want, but how do you transfer comedies into different languages? But imagine those hit comedies that serve universal humor and also frame the characters. But sometimes the joke somehow gets lost in translation. So here’s just another show I could relate to.

What is the show about?

The show opens with a man who is seen riding a donkey down a dirty road, and just a van drives by and stops. The van stops, then a group of men get out. They carry guns with them and then two guys are held inside.

How does the story begin?

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The story begins with Salvo falling asleep while watching his all-time favorite detective series, and it’s just then that the show would reveal the killer’s face, but at that point, he turns. fall asleep. His wife, Ester, has a very different complaint. She tells him that he’s not only too engrossed in this drama series, but also stopped giving her time, and she thinks it’s very wrong of him to do that with her.

Instead, we see Valentino, who is currently staying with his mother, and she cooks him a sumptuous breakfast. But then, too, he starts complaining about what went wrong with his breakfast and doesn’t appreciate it. His mother only thought well of her son, but he could not recognize him.

What is the connection between Salvo and Valentino?

These two men are in the TV repair business together, and a man in the apartment has asked them to come check out the TV which seems to be giving him significant trouble. They did not know that a killer had entered an apartment and shot the man before he went to take a bath.

Salvo and Valentino arrive there and are shocked to see the dead man there. But since they’ve been here in the apartment, they’ve been trying to clean up the mess. They might think that this earth is in trouble because of all this.

Stream it or skip it?

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The show has received a huge list of comments, and it’s definitely a must-watch. The show takes a massive turn as the pair engage in this murder mystery. If you are used to crime dramas and some thrillers, the series is definitely for you.

Review reviews

The show has an average response. There are possible chances that the show will progress. There could be considerable scope for the show to do very well in the future.

But we rely on your comments and ratings to know how the series is doing. Watch the show and tell us how it appealed to you.

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