The 10 best psychological thrillers on Netflix


Netflix offers movies for everyone of all genres, including psychological thrillers. These films will have the audience spellbound throughout, guessing what will happen next and increasing the tension with each scene that passes. These types of movies are always intense, mostly because of the unfamiliar elements and the mystery that often surrounds them.

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Netflix has a wide range of psychological thrillers for moviegoers who really like to try to break things down and figure out what might happen next, with different twists occurring on a regular basis. But among all the options available, what are the biggest psychological thrillers on the streaming platform?

ten Secret Obsession (2019)

Secret obsession is a terrific thriller that will make people wonder what really goes on in reality. Here Jennifer wakes up from an accident and has no memory of her life until then, but throughout the film she begins to piece things together.

When she wakes up, a man pretends to be her husband by her bedside, and Jennifer must determine if this is reality and if the danger she faced before this point is still a threat or not.

9 Law-abiding Citizen (2009)

Law abiding citizen is essentially a great cat and mouse game, and it’s a lot of fun to watch it play out. On the one hand there’s Clyde Shelton whose sole purpose is to kill those who murdered his family, while the flip side is DA Nick Rice, who is the man who couldn’t fire the person responsible for these murders long enough.

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Clyde wants revenge on the system, and he intelligently plots and plans his path throughout the film in an attempt to get what he wants. The audience has to guess how far it will go next to achieve its goals, in a thrilling and intense film.

8 Red Dragon (2002)

Fiennes and Watson in Red Dragon

Although this movie is not as strong as Thesilenceofthelambs, it is clear that this is still a great psychological thriller. Once again, Hannibal Lecter’s help is needed in hopes of catching a serial killer, but the film cleverly shows the man who believes himself to be the Red Dragon throughout the film as well.

Showing both sides of the coin is very exciting, because it’s not so much about guessing who is behind the murders, it’s about who will survive and when will each character start to work things out.

7 Zodiac (2007)

Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr. in Zodiac (2007)

Because Zodiac is based on real events, it’s an easy movie to jump into and take seriously, which makes it instantly exciting to watch. The acting is superb as the story centers on Robert Graysmith, a cartoonist who becomes obsessed with the idea of ​​who the real zodiac killer is.

He uses his problem-solving and puzzle-solving ability to try and piece together the clues to get to the bottom of things. It’s a movie that will engage its audience, trying to guess things with the characters, which makes for an intense viewing experience.

6 The Prestige (2006)

Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman talk to each other on the street in The Prestige

Who would have thought that a movie about two magicians trying to unite could be so intense and thrilling? Well that’s exactly what Prestige is it, with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale bringing stunning performances to the film as magicians who are fierce rivals.

Directed by Christoper Nolan, this movie uses magic to perform extreme stunts and tricks, but these are the mind games where this one really comes to life. The clever dialogue and the way the two characters mess around and torment each other is what makes this such a good psychological movie.

5 Seven (1995)

With Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt as the two main cast, everyone knows the quality will be high and luckily the story supports the acting. The two take on the role of detectives who desperately try to catch a serial killer who leaves behind clues about his actions.

They’re tracking the Seven Deadly Sins, which the detectives need to figure out. The film has mind games and allows viewers to try and guess what’s going on, while the two detectives also have their own personal lives to deal with.

4 Birdhouse (2018)

Sandra Bullock in a Bird Box

Bird box relies on elements of horror to truly engage its audience, creating an intimidating and frightening experience. In a post-apocalyptic world, a family must try to find an area of ​​refuge to save their life. However, if they lay eyes on the mysterious entity, it will take their lives.

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For this reason, the trip must be done blindly, which puts the psychological aspect in the foreground. The characters must rely on their other senses in a moment of panic to try to survive.

3 A Quiet Place (2018)

A quiet place is another psychological thriller that plays on horror tropes, and in the same way Bird box, he uses one of the senses to provide the thrill and the fear. While Bird box takes away sight, this film takes away sound, and because anyone can appreciate and understand that, it’s easy to relate to.

Here, the Abbott family live alone in a world where even the slightest noise can cost their lives, with deadly alien creatures roaming around. They communicate a lot through sign language, and that means any noise creates an intense atmosphere, unlike any other movie, which is especially intense given that Evelyn Abbott is pregnant.

2 Prisoners (2013)


Prisoners is a film that instantly engages its audience on an emotional level due to the fact that the film is about the disappearance of someone’s daughter. Hugh Jackman (who is superb throughout), plays Keller, who will stop at nothing to find his child.

Refusing to leave matters to the police, he embarks on his own investigation and takes it to the extreme, including torturing someone he believes has the answers. He drives himself crazy trying to find solutions as time runs out in this gripping film.

1 The Island of the Shutters (2010)

Leonardo DiCaprio 10 Most Tragic Characters, Ranked_ Shutter Island

Shutter island is a mind-blowing film that really gets audiences thinking, with different clues providing more clues as to what is really going on on the island. An investigation takes place on the island, which houses a hospital for those found criminally insane, with one of the patients missing.

However, there’s a lot more going on than you see in this movie, with Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Teddy learning a lot more than he expects. With a terrific cast including Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley and directing Martin Scorsese, there is a lot to love about this fantastic film.

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