The 10 best years for thrillers, according to Reddit

Every decade in movie history has blessed audiences with movies that left their jaws hanging. Films with twists that are both logical and unexpected. Movies that do something new and advance not just the thriller genre, but cinema as a whole.

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From distinguished authors like Jonathan Demme, Steven Spielberg, David Fincher, Alfred Hitchcock, Brian De Palma and Michael Mann, Hollywood has given thriller fans a number of storylines to keep their interest. It turns out that certain years, in particular, were responsible for many of the best thrillers in the film industry.



Posters of The Night of the Hunter and To Catch a Thief

To catch a thief follows Cary Grant’s cat burglar, John Robie, who must clear his name once a string of thefts with his MO begin to appear. An editor in chief, nosceteipsum_03 started a thread just to sing the praises of the Hitchcock film, writing “What an amazing film! The cinematography is stunning and the setting in France obviously helps. Well paced and has a nice twist at the end although it’s l one of Hitchcock’s lightest films.”

Arguably one of the best thrillers of Hollywood’s Golden Age, the hunter’s night features Robert Mitchum as the terrifying religious fanatic serial killer Reverend Harry Powell. Ben_smith_123 started a thread discussing the film and wrote a fair amount, concluding with “Truly timeless, with layers of beauty and psychological unease”.


Split image of Jaws and The Three Days of the Condor posters

Yes Jaws isn’t the most-watchable movie of all time, it’s at least the most-watchable thriller. VictorBlimpmuscle featured it alongside other amazing films from 1975: “Flight over a cuckoo’s nest, Barry Lyndon, dog afternoon, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Nashville, love and death….” 1975 was a great year for movies, not just for thrillers, but even if it’s only Jaws had been released, it would have been a great year for the industry.

DCmantommy72 started a thread about Robert Redford’s political thriller Three days of the Condor. They touch on the story’s problematic sex scene, but also perfectly describe the film’s appeal: “Redford in a spy thriller directed by the great Sydney Pollack, what more could you ask for?” Giraffe even more simply, saying “Three days of the Condor is great.”

nineteen eighty one

Posters for Blow Out and Thief

Switch off starred John Travolta as a sound technician who catches a car rolling off a bridge and into the river. HmmWoodcock said of the film: “You should try watching Brian De Palma Switch off. It’s an amazing thriller that’s incredibly well done. It’s really well acted, beautifully shot and very very funny. It’s a great thriller that you should check out.”

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Michael Mann is best known for miami vice and Heatbut before pitting De Niro against Pacino, he made James Caan a Thief. A Redditor by the name of mlzr wrote “Heat is probably my favorite, but don’t sleep on another gem from director Michael Mann – Thief! They also make a great double feature.”


Posters for Body Double and Blood Simple

The first film of the Coen brothers, single bloodis one of the most intense, personal, realistic and entertaining thrillers ever made. Jaybyrd570 started a thread to get others’ opinions after their first viewing, first writing “I thought it was suspenseful and creative….”

It’s not for everyone, but Brian De Palma Double body is an erotic thriller with blatant respect for Hitchcock. The real protozoon perfectly encapsulates the film’s appeal with “…its (Palma’s) thrillers become increasingly self-aware and absurd, really pushing the boundaries of the genre into something abstract. A classic film of fun guilty.”


Posters for Angel Heart and Fatal Attraction

angel heart followed Mickey Rourke’s private eye, Harry Angel, to New Orleans to find a missing singer. Unfortunately, he was hired by the devil. It’s a unique twist on the thriller, which snappycamper57 called “A true masterpiece, no doubt about it.”

A box office juggernaut and the ultimate example of the erotic thriller, Fatal attraction was a script that would have been made or broken by performance. Fortunately, as great as Michael Douglas is, Glenn Close is even better. As ggroover97 wrote: “Glenn Close stole all the show…His scenes with Douglas are the best parts of the movie.”


Posters for The Silence of the Lambs and Cape Fear

Jonathan Deme Thesilenceofthelambs isn’t just the perfect adaptation of a Thomas Harris novel, it’s downright one of the best adaptations of all time. An editor in chief, wabi, brought it to the table on a thread looking for some really good thrillers. As they wrote, “the Thesilenceofthelambs is what immediately comes to mind. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.”

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Martin Scorsese took a break from crime films to reimagine the 1962 Gregory Peck/Robert Mitchum thriller Cape fear. In the remake, Nick Nolte took on the role of Peck’s family man while Robert De Niro nailed the sinister role of Mitchum. Kassino1 mentioned Scorsese’s excellent remake, writing “Obvious maybe but Cape fear is really fun.”


Posters for Se7en and The Usual Suspects

With a surprising plot that few viewers expected, David Fincher’s Se7fr is an iconic and extremely dark thriller with outstanding performances. Perhaps Fincher’s best film overall, the Brad Pitt-Morgan Freeman thriller is also beautifully shot, convincingly rendering a dreary city in a hopeless world. Methoddogg raised it on a thread looking for the best thrillers similar to Prisoners and shutter island: “Se7fr! One of the best mystery/thriller films of all time.”

One of the few films capable of measuring up to Se7frTwist’s ending was released the same year. The usual suspects features a range of pitch-perfect performances and a complex narrative that unfolds at breakneck speed. As veidt3 Put the, “The usual suspects that’s what came to my mind first. Just pay attention to all the details and you’ll love it.”


Posters for The Edge and The Game

Some may judge The edge an action movie, but it skews the thriller due to the interpersonal conflict between the characters of Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins. It is an unknown film about the dangers of nature and man. Editor electrician started a thread to see if others enjoyed the movie as much as they did: “When there’s action, the movie doesn’t go over the top…the score has a memorable theme. Am I alone on this one? I feel like we don’t talk about this movie enough.”

David Fincher’s sequel as director Se7fr isn’t held in the same high esteem, but it does have its fans. Apptubrutae said of Fincher’s film starring Michael Douglas, “My favorite is The game.” Then a number of Redditors came up with effusive praise. For example, bruce656 wrote that they “came here specifically to recommend this.”


Posters for Fight Club and The Sixth Sense

by David Fincher fight club is not a simple thriller, but it is a member of the genre. This psychologically thrilling film straddles multiple genres throughout its runtime, resulting in a very unique cult film that’s been given a second life. Neurotic_Sentinel was clear on a thread looking for somewhat dark thrillers, “The obvious choice would be fight club” to which Downright Macabre answered with a cheeky “We’re not talking about fight club.”

As one of the best thrillers of the 1990s, M. Night Shyamalan The sixth sense has a well-known plot and, above all, a twist. Woopwoopwop started a thread after seeing the movie for the first time, not knowing the end of it. In their words, “What a scary, dark, beautiful movie. One of my favorite new movies of all time….”


Posters for Nightcrawler and Gone Girl

SomnambulistLouis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) makes the whole movie thrilling and scary just by being himself. An ambulance chaser with a camera, Bloom makes it clear to audiences early on that there are no lengths he won’t go for validation and fame. TheBat45 spoke about Gyllenhaal’s film alongside another of his own, Prisoners, as well as a few other modern thrillers. Then, Pwn5t4r13 came with “God, Somnambulist It’s incredible. It really sticks with you.”

missing girl is yet another film to prove that David Fincher is the master of the thriller. Or, as dtsyk put it on a thread looking for modern thrillers,”missing girl is by far the best thriller of the last decade. Definitely up there for the best ever.” Or, in the words of one user now deleted“I probably saw missing girl 4 times with different friends. Great movie.”

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