The best thrillers you can watch on HBO Max


It’s hard to imagine a world in which Elizabeth Olsen isn’t a household name in residences where superhero movies are the theaters’ choice, but of course Olsen only started acting in films that ‘in 2011. That year she made a big splash as the lead character in writer-director Sean Durkin’s dramatic thriller Martha Marcy May Marlene.

Olsen’s character is a 22-year-old woman named Martha, nicknamed “Marcy May” by cult leader Patrick (John Hawkes) when she joins the ranks, and who knows the abusive cult women use the name code “Marlene Lewis”. After fleeing the cult, crossing the woods of the Catskill Mountains, Martha reunites with her sister Lucy (Sarah Paulson) and Lucy’s husband Ted (Hugh Dancy), who take Martha to their Connecticut home where she will be safe. Sadly, the shadows of Martha’s past don’t go away so quickly. Her behavior becomes erratic, and audiences are learning more and more about what Martha went through during her time in the cult – and before, too.

Martha Marcy May Marlene was seen as both a “slippery thriller about runaway states, and not knowing where you belong, or even who you are” (via The daily telegraph) and a “relentlessly scary little thriller” that shows just how talented Olsen is.

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