THE MODERATOR (2022) Action Crime Thriller Preview

The Moderator is a 2022 action crime thriller about a young female assassin seeking revenge for the murder of her friends by a criminal gang.

Directed by Zhor Fassi-Fihri from a screenplay co-written by producer Hicham Hajji and Jonathan McConnell.

The American-Moroccan production by H Films-LineDrive Studio stars Irma Lake, Robert Knepper, Gary Dourdan, Michael Patrick Lane, Soraya Azzabi, Don Bigg, Sabine Crossen, Gladys Bautista and Brice Bexter.

When the senseless murder of his friends goes unsolved, a secret assassin decides to take justice into his own hands. Discovering that the crimes were just the latest in a long series of sadistic murders by an underground crime syndicate, she will take no prisoners in her bloody mission for revenge as she hunts them down, one target at a time. ..

Cast and characters:
Lake Irma … Mya Snik
Robert Knepper … Agent John Ross
Gary Dourdan … Agent Richard Bourdeau
Michael Patrick Lane … Vance Wilhorn
Soraya Azzabi … Selma
Don Bigg … Hakim Aouzad
Sabine Crossen … Agent Clair Paxton
Gladys Bautista … Lilya
Brice Bexter … Jawad
Younes Benzakour … Moh
Julian Mileta … Gayer the manager
Lina Berrada Sounni … fan of Vance
Marie Prenant … Sara
Maria-Claudia Nova … Kenza
Idriss Askour … Policeman
Samy Naceri … Mr. Marlon


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