The must-see Nordic horror movie

Last year there were some big horror productions that came from both to integrate only by lesser known means. Just think about what were the launches of Smart from James Wan |, The Conjuration 3 (with Van as a producer) or The black house, to understand what we are talking about. As if that wasn’t enough, the small screen also had big exhibitors, with series such as Midnight Mass, Them Yes Lovecraft Country.

If you’ve seen all of these productions before and are looking for an alternative, Norwegian cinema is the way to go. Eskil vogt released his second film as a director with amazing results. In Rotten tomatoes It has a 100% approval rating (with just 10 reviews) and while it’s fair to say it’s not a perfect job, it’s one of those worth seeing. . Especially for those who like psychological thrillers.

Is about Innocents, a production that was launched in 2021 and which still has no release date in Latin America and it is not known which platform will be able to put it in its catalog, but it is easily available to watch online. The story takes place in the summer in a wooded town in Norway, where a couple move in with their two daughters, one of whom has the autism spectrum and has completely lost the ability to communicate. The younger of the two will go in search of friends and meet Ben, a strange boy who seems to have telekinetic powers that he likes to show off.

From this moment when the children cross each other, the level of fantasy will increase, as well as the darkness of this story not suited to impressionable people. For animal lovers, there will be some very uncomfortable and painful moments, throughout a story that without resorting to scares (in fact, there are no scares, let alone jumpscares) will have you goosebumps, while putting on the table the debate around morality, evil and the education of the youngest.

Nordic terror on Netflix

If you prefer to wait until a platform is available Innocents, you can use Netflix where they tend to put online several productions of Nordic origin. One of those that have arrived in recent years was the miniseries Equinox, centered on the mysterious disappearance of a bus full of students, which remains for years without progress and which will begin to be unmasked little by little when the sister of one of the young missing women is surprised by an anonymous call to the radio show which she runs. Good folk horror in just 6 episodes you can watch in a weekend.

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