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Execution is a sprawling thriller about a newly promoted police chief who has just learned that the serial killer case he solved for a career may not be closed. In order to save face – and his new job – Issa Valentinovich takes it upon himself to find out what really happened. But as the USSR collapses and pressure mounts, the case is not just about gathering the clues.

The film alternates chronologies and points of view to tell its story. Execution is able to get the audience to expertly guess what’s going to happen next without being curvy or confused. Considering the scale of the plot, this is very impressive. Execution It also adds twists and turns without the story seeming to depend on it. The investigation has unfolded over years and it makes sense that there are a number of false leads and close calls. The history of weaving can get complicated, but it remains fascinating all the time.

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What separates the film from similar films are the external pressures that Valentinovich faces. On the surface, it seems simple. Many stories have seen the lead investigator dealing with enthusiastic bosses or politicians. While it’s in The execution, it makes more sense. It’s not just the government and the public that want the killer arrested. It’s a whole nation that is changing.

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This is brilliantly captured in the story. The USSR was once a superpower and its people now had to accept a smaller place on the world stage. It adds an increased feeling of tension and dread. Execution is divided into chapters, each named after a different stage of mourning. This plunges the audience deeper into the mystery. It is about more than solving a case; it’s about finding peace with yourself. The film also features powerful performances that make it a must-see for fans of the genre.

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