THE NIGHT WALKER (1964) Reviews of William Castle’s mystery horror thriller

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The night walker is a 1964 mystery horror thriller about a woman haunted by recurring nightmares that seem to be brought on by her late husband who was allegedly killed in a fire.

Directed by William Castle (Straitjacket; House on the haunted hill; Macabre) from a screenplay by Robert Bloch.

The film stars Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Taylor, Judith Meredith, Hayden Rorke, Rochelle Hudson, Jess Barker, Marjorie Bennett, Tetsu Komai, Paul Frees and Lloyd Bochner.

The film’s soundtrack was composed by Vic Mizzy, who also wrote The Addams Family theme melody.

Irene Trent (Barbara Stanwyck) is unfortunately married to a blind and pathologically possessive millionaire inventor, Howard Trent (Hayden Rorke). Howard and Irene’s lavish mansion is filled with an endless assortment of cuckoo clocks, all perfectly synchronized, and Howard’s tape records every conversation in the house for later reference, in hopes of catching Irene. planning an illicit affair.

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Irene therefore lives in a constant state of dread, wondering how far Howard’s jealousy will go. Yet despite Howard’s continual accusations of infidelity, Irene remains loyal to Howard, despite recurring nightly dreams of a fantasy lover and an attraction to Howard’s personal attorney, Barry Moreland (Robert Taylor), the only visitor allowed in the house.

As tensions mount, Irene feels trapped in a lonely, loveless relationship. But suddenly, everything changes: Howard is killed by an explosion in his laboratory, and Irene inherits the house and all of Howard’s fortune…

“It’s true that the ending of this film teeters precariously on the brink of the ‘Scooby Doo’ abyss, with the true nature of the plot against Irene revealed in a way better suited to the mentality of the disproportionately young Saturday morning audience. , but considering that this audience has always been Castle’s bread and butter, this shortcoming is both understandable and forgivable.

“There is also an effective musical score throughout. However, all of that humor is destroyed by a mundane ending that’s so incredibly contrived that it ruins everything that came before. Moria

“The mildly enjoyable horror can be plotted rather generically, but it’s well-paced and, if nothing else, serves to reunite leading lady Stanwyck with her ex-husband Taylor. The best scene? The wedding chapel wax dummy dream sequence in loop. The trap of terror

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“Despite many critics frequently citing William Castle’s penchant for gimmicks rather than extolling his directorial skills, Castle once again shows here his uncanny and unerring ability to craft a disturbing, nightmarish shock sequence.” DVD player

“As with many Castle films, the first half is better than the second, partly because of a remarkable opening but an overly polished conclusion. Yet here the opening might be Castle’s best: a surreal dream montage, the type for which Dali’s sequence in Bewitched was the prototype. Fans of noir and mystery should get the most out of it. David Elroy Goldweber, Claws & Saucers

“There are no gimmicks this time around that I know of, but the plot twists and turns at the end are bound to make your head spin. This one joins my list of favorite William Castle, Dave Sindelar, Fantastical Thoughts and Ramblings on the Movies

“…with at least a dozen red herrings, and a climax in a ‘chamber of death’ that’s more hilarious than scary.” John Stanley, Characteristics of creatures

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Movie Facts:
Original title The dream killer

The role of Irene Trent was originally offered to Joan Crawford but she declined as she had already committed to appear in Hush… Hush, sweet Charlotte

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The imagery of the The night walker the poster was copied for a mexican horror movie Atacan las brujas (1968)

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