THE PROTECTOR (2022) Fantasy Mystery Thriller preview – with trailer

“Sometimes I feel like I’m being watched, followed…”
The protector is a 2022 Canadian fantasy thriller about a teenage girl suffering from personal trauma who receives a mysterious book.

Written and directed by Lenin M. Sivam. Produced by Munire Armstrong and Brandon Jourdin. Executive produced by Jordan Barker, Borga Dorter and Brad Gregorini.

The YN Films production stars Chelsea Clark, Munro Chambers, Jasmin Geljo, Rebecca Jenkins, Andrew Gillies, Jenny Fischer, Samantha Reynolds, Thom Zimerle, Pras Lingam, Gianelle Miranda, Morgan I. Bedard, Aura Carcueva, Darcy Roy and Heleene Cameron.

After being released from a correctional facility and moving to a small town, Evelyn (Chelsea Clark) struggles and searches for meaning which is interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious book about a mighty God who brings peace wherever he lives. go…


The protector will have its world premiere at Fantasia 2022 on July 28. They describe it as follows: “…combines a Canadian sensibility with South Asian beliefs, magical realism and a modern heroine who refuses to be at the mercy of bureaucracy and those who try to control. Sivam enlisted veterans Rebecca Jenkins and Andrew Gillies to anchor the film, along with audience-loved young actor Munro Chambers in a supporting role, and Chelsea Clark as a gripping protagonist driven by anger, trauma and a quest for truth.

Filming locations :
Sault Ste. Mary, Ontario, Canada

Technical details:
1 hour 34 minutes


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