The Weekend Away – Review | Netflix Mystery Thriller

A big role for Leighton Meester

The star of The weekend is Leighton Meester as Beth. She lives in London with her husband and their very young daughter, Aster, who is still a baby. However, Beth’s best friend, Kate, has recently divorced her and convinces Beth to join her for a “weekend” in Croatia. Yes, hence the title.

While Beth wants to hang out with her best friend and relax a bit, Kate is all about the party scene. After a night out, Beth wakes up with a massive hangover, few memories of the night before, and no Kate in sight.

Now she must try to recreate the night before to find out what happened to Kate. Of course, the police are of very little help and overall she is met with contempt for being a “party girl” (despite the fact that she really isn’t) and for taking it easy.

Leighton Meester is really good as Beth. She plays the character as a very laid back and positive person, who finds her fighting spirit very quickly, when faced with various challenges. You will probably recognize Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl series or maybe the 2011 thriller The room mate.

In The weekend, Meester is very nude and natural, which contrasts perfectly with the character of Kate. Kate is also well played by Christina Wolfe (batman), which has a lot less screen time for obvious reasons.

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