This Amanda Seyfried Horror Movie Deserves A Second Look

While Amanda Seyfried is famous for playing Karen Smith in mean girlsand she acted in many sweet movies like Mama Mia and Dear John, the actress has also filmed quite a few dark thrillers and horror films. Seyfried starred in Jennifer’s body and Chloewhich both came out in 2009, and brought his talents to the 2020s Things Heard and Seen and You should have left.

Amanda Seyfried also played lead character Jill Conway in the 2012 horror film Faded away. This movie didn’t get great reviews and was probably overlooked by horror fans, but there’s something about it that deserves a second look.


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Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes in The stall makes a lot of noise, and Seyfried has starred in so many entertaining and interesting films. In fgeneral, Faded away was not considered a very good movie. With an audience score of 42% and 12% on the Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer, critics weren’t impressed, and it’s possible this movie got lost among the many horror movies of the past decade. But Amanda Seyfried’s performance as Jill is what makes the film interesting to watch, and the film also does a good job with the “is the main character right or imagining things? ” trope. It’s a horror movie and thriller trope that’s often used and rarely impressive, but here it works. Audiences believe Jill from the start, also thanks to Seyfried’s acting skills, and it’s a wild ride to see how she puts the pieces together.

Amanda Seyfried as Jill In Gone

As the film opens, the audience learns that the police believe Jill has completely made up a story of kidnapping, being held in a hole underground, and running away. Jill lived a lonely life with her sister Molly (Emily Wickersham), trying to overcome the trauma she suffered. Jill says Molly is missing and thinks the same thing happened to her, but of course the police don’t think so at all. While the movie didn’t get well-reviewed and didn’t make it on lists of the most inventive or creative horror movies of the past decade, it deserves some credit for telling a solid, well-crafted story.

Jill reflects on what happened to her, learning that a van was in front of her house. Jill does the typical horror movie main character playing detective, but instead of being a lame, cheesy trope that doesn’t add much to the plot, Jill actually uncovers information. Jill learns that a man named “Digger” has rented a van, and she finds his name (Jim LaPointe, played by Socratis Otto) and goes to his house, along with some items that suggest he kidnapped her, as she remembers being given pet food. . Faded away can definitely be considered an underrated PG-13 horror movie. Despite the poor reviews, it’s hard not to be drawn to the film and want to see if Jill can prove everyone wrong and if she can locate her sister and defeat her captor. If a thriller is supposed to offer clues and a clever ending to the mystery, and a horror movie should have killer scenes/dark memories/really annoying moments, Faded away succeeds on these points.

Amanda Seyfried as Jill in Gone

The reason the police don’t believe Jill is telling the truth is because after her mother and father died, she was hospitalized. Usually the “crazy” lead character is offensive and hard to watch, and it doesn’t feel any better watching him here, which is definitely the movie’s only problem. But it’s possible to look past it because Seyfried is so good as a woman who knows she has to prove her story is correct.

Jill has been involved in one of the worst things anyone can go through and the way another character treats her says a lot about why so many people are often ignored and told that their trauma or experiences aren’t worth it. really worth mentioning. In this way, Faded away makes a statement about how people should be kinder and more compassionate to Jill, but instead they are convinced that she is lying.

When Jill reunites with her sister Molly and travels to the area where she was kidnapped and kills her captor, Jill becomes a perfect horror movie final girl. Jill does what horror fans expect of a protagonist: she’s driven to exact revenge on the “bad guy” (in this case, she wants to find and save her sister, the only family she has left) and she stays strong even when people don’t. I don’t believe what she says. Although Faded away isn’t a famous horror movie, it delivers a satisfying creepy tale.

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