This Canadian Cult Horror Movie Might Be The Best Teen Horror Movie

In the 90s, teen horror movies were about big parties, being part of the popular school crowd, and running away from a serial killer who targeted an attractive group of friends. The 2000 Canadian horror film Ginger biscuits changed all that and told an interesting new type of scary story. Ginger (Katharine Isabelle) and Brigitte (Emily Perkins) are sisters and best friends, obsessed with death and darkness and wanting nothing to do with their town peers. They are also confronted with the fact that Ginger has been turned into a werewolf.


While the sequel Ginger Snaps 2: Unreleased is not as fascinating, and the prequel Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning we don’t talk about it very often either, Ginger biscuits is considered a cult horror film and has won the adoration of fans of the genre. There’s a lot about Ginger biscuits that suggests it’s a perfect teenage horror movie.

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Ginger biscuits is an underrated horror movie from the 2000s and has definitely become more beloved over time. The film has an 89% rating on the tomatometer and an audience score of 78% on Rotten Tomatoes and according to Ginger Cookies Fandom, the film did not make much money at the box office. While the budget was $4.5 million, Ginger Snaps brought in $572,781.

Katharine Isabelle as Ginger in Ginger Snaps

Ultimately, Ginger biscuits is a special teen horror movie because it focuses on being different from others and celebrating it. The movie is up there with some underrated teen horror movies. As Ginger and Brigitte get older and deal with their monthly flow and other issues, they feel annoyed, angry, and frustrated. In an interview with Bloody disgustingscreenwriter Karen Walton shared that she wanted to include a story of teenage menstruating and dealing with the characteristics of this period of life.

Walton explained: “The more I could speed up the female experience, the better, until your period, until you shave your legs or not, and why not, until the very fiber of your being, what people did to set themselves apart, what kept them together in their little war against being teenagers, and then what would pull them apart.” Walton also said it was important that the sisters weren’t cool or popular: “I wanted to tell a teenage horror movie from the perspective of someone who didn’t have all the friends in the world and who wasn’t going to all the best parties.”

Ginger biscuits and horror movie Jennifer’s body share many things in common. Both films feature two teenage girls who are very close and deal with the body changes one of them is going through. As Brigitte helps Ginger become a werewolf, Needy (Amanda Seyfried) is there for Jennifer (Megan Fox). Both Ginger and Jennifer are teenage girls who come to terms with their sexuality and start having a lot of sex and then hurting the teenagers they are intimate with. Either way, Needy and Brigitte are devastated because they miss the person they were so close to and this big change ends up ruining both of their lives. While Jennifer’s body is fun and smart, Ginger biscuits talks more about the physical act of growing up because there’s a focus on rules, so it stands out a bit more.

Katharine Isabelle walking through high school in Ginger Snaps

Although there are dark thrillers about adolescence, Ginger biscuits feels relatable, even if it’s raw and disturbing in many ways. The movie definitely has a heavy tone, but audiences can relate to how Ginger and Brigitte feel like they don’t fit in with everyone around them. Who didn’t feel that in high school? The sisters find comfort and security in each other, which is why it’s so sad when Ginger changes and Brigitte is left on her own to deal with this confusing and complicated situation.

The end of Ginger biscuits can be interpreted as referring to how people sometimes change as they age and friends or siblings/other family members grow apart. Brigitte realizes that Ginger is powerful, evil, and nearly unstoppable. As Ginger ends up hurting herself and Brigitte can tell that her sister is about to die, Brigitte is incredibly sad and lays down next to her sister. Brigitte has these horrible feelings, realizing that life will never be the same again. Although there are many fun teen horror movies like Yell and I know what you did last summer and Idle handsthere is something in the intelligent tone of Ginger biscuits it really has something to say about being a teenager.

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