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March 27, 2020 12:10 PM STI

New Delhi [India], March 25 (ANI / Digpu): A short story is often limited but also made intensely beautiful due to its restricted form. This is even more true for the suspense genre.
A writer here has neither the time nor the space to create suspense and must be able to create a tense and uncluttered version of a novel, focusing on the most essential elements.
But isn’t that the point of the suspense? A breathless mood that blocks all other thoughts except the feeling that something dark and terrible is closing in on you? Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, once said: “There is no terror in the bang; only in anticipation of it.
If you’re in the mood for a movie that leaves you guessing most of the time, or just need options while staying at home (given the current global scenario), here’s our curated lineup for the weekend. end!
1. In the Tall Grass (Netflix)
Based on a short story written by Stephen King, the enfant terrible of the suspense genre, In the Tall Grass will have you holding your breath. Brother and sister duo Becky and Cal hear a child calling for help from deep in a grassy field.
They are rushing into the grass to help, but there is something very bad on the ground. What follows is a series of time-looped confusion, gruesome deaths, mysterious resurrections, and a story as twisted as the only king could make.
The film is written and directed by Vicenzo Natali, who also adapted the screenplay. It was first presented at Fantastic Fest, Texas, in 2019 and is now available to stream.
2. If something happens (Amazon Prime Video)
What would you do if someone promised you large sums of money if someone died, but you didn’t have to kill or hire assassins? Would you let events unfold or would you take the money? That’s what happens to Julie Reynolds in If Something Happens, and you’ll find yourself debating the question long after the movie ends.
If Something Happens is a film adaptation of When This Man Dies, a short story written by successful New York crime writer Lawrence Block in 1964. The original version aired in the mid-1980s, in the second season of television popular. Alfred Hitchcock series presents.
If Something Happens is an independent feature film produced and directed by Rajiv Whabi, who also co-wrote the film adaptation with Italian screenwriter Sara Beinat.
Speaking of adaptations, Rajiv Whabi was also a producer in the digital film The Yellow Wallpaper (2011) written and directed by Stuart Hackshaw, based on the classic Charlotte Perkins Gilman story of the same name.
3. Sleepy Hollow (Netflix):
American writer Washington Irving published The Legend of Sleepy Hollow as early as 1820, but Tim Burton adapted it into the haze-shrouded gothic thriller we all love.
It came out in 1999 (and won the Oscar for Best Art Direction) but is still a pleasure to watch today.
Sleepy Hollow follows police officer Ichabod Crane to the small village of Sleepy Hollow, where he must investigate a serial killer who enjoys beheading his victims. Ichabod falls in love with a pretty young girl from the village, but must first catch the killer.
Headless horsemen, digging up corpses, making a pact with Satan – all the right ingredients for a weekend afternoon frenzy!
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