Thriller movies to look for this year


Nowadays, directors are paying more attention to thrillers because viewers are tired of reboots and romantic films. They want the story to unfold through the eyes of the central protagonist and go through the same level of intense excitement. Here we have a list of upcoming thriller movies. As another season of overrated and underwhelming summer blockbusters draws to a close, we expect these films to break the records of previous Hollywood projects.


While Arnold Schwarzenegger has dozens of reasons to be angry these days, we hope that “ConsequencesWill give a new direction to his acting career.

Previously, he was upset by the bad grades of “The apprentice. ”

The trailer for his next film has been released. In this film, he plays a muscular man with an Austrian accent. His family died in a tragic plane crash caused by the negligence of an air traffic controller. Scoot McNairy, an air traffic controller, is sorry about the incident. In this film, Schwarzenegger looks more like a grown man than the hero of a regular action movie. Fans are excited to see her new look. “Aftermath” will be released in theaters on April 7, 2017.


A new trailer for “Unforgettable”Came out a few days ago, and it shows Katherine heigl like Tessa. Heigl is a woman who doesn’t accept the fact that her ex-husband, David (Geoff Stults), has moved on.

She is jealous of his new girlfriend, Julia (Rosario Dawson). She feels bad and her behavior changes from biting comments to outright violence. Fans of Katherin and Rosario have high expectations because their on-screen chemistry is fabulous. Its release is scheduled for April 21, 2017.

‘Keep watching’

With “Don’t breathe“Becoming a real hit, we think home invasions are all the rage.

Keep watchingIs one of the most anticipated Hollywood films. It was called “Home Invasion” until the producer realized that there are dozens of films with the exact name. It is the story of a family attacked by three strange assailants Mysterious, Creator and Terror.

The spooky posters of this movie have aroused the enthusiasm of Hollywood fans. The film stars Bella Thorne, who once made headlines with spooky shows such as “Big Sky” and “Forget Me Not”. Bella fans have high expectations for this film.


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