“TikTiki”: Kaushik Ganguly debuts in new Mystery thriller web series with Anirban Bhattacharya

The populated Bengali OTT platform HoiChoi has released the new trailers for the web series “TikTiki”. It reveals the original trailer for the launch event which was also dedicated to celebrating the multitude of occasions, just like the web debut of immersive talented actor and director Kaushik Ganguly in the lead role.

TikTiki: plot

The trailer for the series begins with the suspenseful visuals of the palace and also moves on to the polar opposites, Soumendra Krishna Deb and Milan Basak who played slowly and turned into an absolute chaotic splinter as the characters begin to reveal themselves. The latest trailer launch with the blessing of users is playing TikTiki game.

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The new trailer begins with the chessboard and the status of the Royal Bengal Tiger. A four-wheeled vehicle enters Gar Panchkot Palace at night. After that we saw Milan Basak who asks a man as he is Soumendra Krishna Deb and not and the man opposite asks him if he is Milan Basak or not and he welcomes him in the palace. Milan Basak takes the glass in hand says it’s antique and priceless.

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Soumendra Krishna Deb is also seen with a gun in his hand and Milan Basak seems to be giving him slang. However, the two become one in this grand palace and begin the encounter. Milan Basak receives a strange offer from Soumendra Krishna Deb as he is somehow forcing him to marry his wife with a gun.

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Soumendra Krishna Deb makes a way of a crime and he wants Milan Basak to succeed in his plan. It seems like the game is on as a shadow shows up outside Soumendra Krishna Deb’s door and smashes the glass. Milan Basak feels like a criminal, then Soumendra Krishna reveals that Bengali with a dangerous combination at heart. It also contains a lot of suspense and thrills as Milan Basak reveals that he has committed a murder and then they both do such crazy activities and end with Soumendra Krishna Deb shooting pointing at Milan Basak.

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TikTiki: Distribution

This web series features Kaushik Ganguly, Anirban Bhattacharya and it was directed by Dhrubo Banerjee said, “It is an unprecedented moment for me to present the trailer for my first web directing company TikTiki in such a way great in front of the media. friends.” He continued, “I am grateful to the whole team and HoiChoi for making this day so special. Now I only cherish every moment we spent creating TikTiki. show and will recognize the passion that went into the creation of TikTiki”.

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Actor Anirban Bhattacharya said, “I am happy not only to be able to play such a powerful character as Milan Basak, but also to share screen space with such an accomplished actor as Kaushik Ganguly.

He also said, “TikTiki is a kind of project that I think will leave a mark on people’s minds. I am grateful to Dhrubo Banerjee for creating TikTiki and incorporating his name. I will always hold a special place for HoiChoi for bringing such unique content to the audience. I look forward to audience reactions once the series is released in HoiChoi.

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TikTiki: Release date

This HoiChoi web series will be released on the 18thand March 2022.

Here is the trailer:

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