Top 10 thrillers on Netflix of 2022

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About the 10 best thrillers on Netflix

All movies are great in their own way, but real thrillers are the best. They have the best elements of each class. A little spooky without delving into horror. All the speed of action, but more intrigue. And a dash of drama and comedy without committing to either. The results require your full attention because they are all wrapped in a film. From shivers down your spine and heart palpitations, to tingling skin and intestinal cramps, nothing beats the roller coaster of emotions that some movies conjure up. Few films can captivate us as quickly and deeply as thrillers.

And since they only have to offer gripping suspense and a fight against adversity, they are very flexible, crossing categories like horror and science fiction, and oscillating between gritty realism and incredible nonchalance. They can be grueling feats of endurance so dramatically terrifying you can only see them through your fingertips, or they can be high-octane roller coaster rides meant to make you scream with joy. Many would say horror movies are made for brave people with a boundless appetite for thrills and nuanced cinema. Some movies are so well done that they evoke unwanted emotions like fear, terror, and insecurity to the point where you start to question your own reality and philosophy in the new life.

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The blame

It is an American remake of an acclaimed Danish film of the same name. According to critics, it doesn’t live up to the original’s merit; but I think it’s still one of the best thrillers on Netflix, especially if you haven’t seen the original Danish version.

Den Skyldige tells the story of a Copenhagen policeman who, while awaiting trial for shooting and killing a 19-year-old, has to respond to emergency calls. One of the calls he receives is from a woman who speaks to him as if talking to a small child. The policeman realizes that the woman is being held against her will and the reason he cannot speak clearly is probably because her captor is close to her.

The platform

The platformer is already touted as one of the best horror thrillers of recent times. The film is a grim allegory of capitalism, aptly released at a time when the hustlers are hoarding food, disregarding the resulting price hikes and eventual scarcity for those who cannot afford to buy. in abundance. The film’s plot is set in the future, where prisoners housed in vertical cells watch prisoners in upper cells being fed while those below starve to death.

The concept of “The Platform” is undeniably ingenious. Almost the entire film takes place in some kind of futuristic or Camus-esque structure called “The Hole”. Several hundred storeys high, it is a prison in which people are placed on two floors at a time. Every day a platform descends through a large hole in the middle of the building and is the only possibility to eat all day.

dog power

If there’s one movie that was literally made for this year’s Oscars, it’s this suspenseful drama. This thriller has elements of western cinema. Benedict Cumberbatch leads the story as Phil Burbank, who constantly abuses and harasses his brother-in-law. Kirsten Dunst is rehearsing for the role of his wife, his Rose.

“The Power of the Dog” revels in this suspenseful setting, just as Phil would rather work with cattle than deal with high society. Although the film starts out on a steady pace, it doesn’t stay there for long. There are so many layers of desire, hatred and domination that soon seem to disturb everyone’s restless peace. The mind game between Phil and everyone else is chilling to watch, and it’s exactly the kind of year-end movie to end things on a high.

teeth at night

This film is best seen as a sort of love letter to the vampire genre. It plays into the cliches and tropes we’ve seen before, and that’s what makes it such a great time for fans of Crocs. The most exciting element of the film, even with its abundance of blood spatter, neon lights and goofy dialogue like “I bet you give good blood”, is a human character played by Jorge Lendeborg Jr.

“Night Teeth” taps into the simplest part of vampire storytelling: that much of the rules about bloodsuckers are already known to the public. Boom, there’s your character development, your acting, your fear of daylight. But instead of trying to add anything meaningful to their lore, vampires are treated as one of many cliches in this underwhelming action-horror comedy that has little charisma of its own.

blood red sky

Blood Red Sky drags some of its middle, then drags a bit with the third (well, fourth) act, but Baumeister’s performance, along with some clever twists, helps carry this monstrous mash-up across the line. start. Adding to the wickedness of the plot is the fact that vampirism, in this particular mythos, can be transferred and spread just as quickly as zombieism.

The film also introduces us to several members of the crew and passengers, allowing us to invest in the collateral damage and, by extension, the stakes in general. Attempts to give us quick footage of the passengers in these disaster films sometimes go awry, usually presenting us with a parade of caricatures and/or bad stereotypes, but Blood Red Sky is able to pull it off with moderate success.

His house

The couple are unbothered when a gruff social worker (‘The Crown’ star Matt Smith) shows them around the dilapidated municipal estate where they will live until the government decides if they can stay, and they don’t flinch when they’re said. gives them the impossible task of integrating into a society in which they are not allowed to work. “After an indefinite time in a detention centre, they are given their own home, away from London and in a filthy state of disrepair, but a home nonetheless, and one that belongs to them.

For the first 20 minutes, His House plays less like supernatural horror and more like grounded human drama, telling the plight of a Sudanese family seeking asylum in the UK. Bol (Sope Dirisu) and Rial (Wunmi Mosaku) risked everything to embark on a nightly boat trip to safety, or at least the dream of safety away from violent conflict at home. But an accident at sea brings them to British shores, mourning the loss of their daughter.

The woman at the window

The story of a woman who doesn’t leave her house for 10 months and thinks she’s witnessed a murder across the street suddenly becomes more than a well-made thriller with an exceptional cast. It’s the “rear window” for the COVID era.

The woman in the window deserves your attention. It’s about Anna Fox, a child psychologist who suffers from agoraphobia and who, without realizing it, is involved in a criminal case. But for all the art on display, the often crackling dialogue, and some solid performances led by Amy Adams, “The Woman in the Window” ultimately fails to live up to its bountiful potential. She’ll leave you with a shrug instead of a gasp.

I’m all girls

I Am All Girls is sometimes a tough watch. It’s a film that certainly doesn’t shy away from tackling the important themes of child abuse and human trafficking. Well-paced and with a respectful tribute to the victims, this film is let down by sloppy editing. I Am All Girls takes place in the heart of South Africa. Specifically, it follows Special Investigator Jodie Snyman as she begins to investigate a series of murders of men involved in trafficking rings.

With initials carved into her chest, Jodie follows the trail from the breadcrumbs to the real ringleaders in it all. Before we dive into this one, it’s worth mentioning that I Am All Girls spoils several major reveals within the first 5 minutes of the film. One involves a taped confession that reveals the heartbreaking truth about child trafficking. The other turns out to be the identity of our killer vigilante.


The storyline is simple and deliciously silly, with howling matches often breaking out and relationships moving with high-speed intensity. The overly dramatic scenes are oddly charming, the pacing never drags, and even though the writing sometimes feels overdone, the viewer is always drawn in.

As cliché as they are, all the elements never seem out of place, as the strong acting of the cast and the playful cinematography of Ferry work perfectly together. What stands out, however, is the show’s cast of actors to play younger versions of themselves.


Japanese thrillers are on the scientific side and keep you captivated by the possibilities of this happening in real life. And the homunculus is no exception. Despite some extremely dark scenes, the film shows what the human brain can achieve if used to its full potential. Much of the weirdness begins to fade en route to a serious ending, but the human drama doesn’t heighten to compensate.

Distinction is something this movie craves, especially from its source material, but deliberately irritating manga fans doesn’t seem like a smart way to do business, especially when the changes are not just unnecessary but generally harmful. , a betrayal. At this point, nearly two hours into a revolving story after one, there’s little to be excited about the conclusion.

Final Words: Top 10 Suspense Movies on Netflix

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