two new videos attempt to explain the mystery behind the new Royal Court room

It’s the mystery devouring London theatre: who is Dave Davidson, the alleged author of ‘That Is Not Who I Am’, the new impersonation play opening this month at the Royal Court Theater ?

We were told he was a rookie playwright, had “worked in security” for 38 years and refused to be photographed or do interviews. The general theory doing the rounds is that he’s actually another playwright using a pen name – something the title of the play doesn’t suggest so much as it quite literally states it. Speculation about Dave Davidson’s ‘real’ identity has set the internet ablaze at the movies – a brave soul even went to court and started asking the staff who he was – but so far it seems no one knows. Presumably the truth will come out pretty quickly: the play begins previews on June 10 and has a press night a week later.

In the meantime, we have some behind-the-scenes videos to share with you. And they are… unusual.

The first, entitled “Who is the writer? (above), sees director Lucy Morrison and actor Priyanga Burford discuss the identity of the playwright, in what can only be described as a state of heightened nervousness. In the second, titled “Jake Davies and Siena Kelly Discuss Slippery Dave Davidson Thriller”, the other two cast members discuss the play but seem extremely confused as to what they are actually allowed to say about it. It is obvious that at no time is the playwright’s name mentioned.

Do either of these videos clarify anything? Probably not! But surely we are slowly getting closer to the truth. Who is Dave Davidson? Why is Dave Davidson? How is Dave Davidson? Is this all a joke? Or a conspiracy? The truth is out there.

‘It’s Not Who I Am’ is at the Royal Court Theatre, from June 10 to July 16.

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