UNFORGETTABLE (1996) Reviews of Ray Liotta, sci-fi mystery thriller by Linda Fiorentino

Unforgettable is a 1996 sci-fi mystery thriller about a medical examiner obsessed with uncovering his wife’s murder.

Directed by John Dahl (You Kill Me, The Great Raid, The Last Hand, Joy Ride, Tomorrow I Die, The Last Seduction, Red Rock West, Kill Me Again). Produced by Dino De Laurentiis and Martha De Laurentiis.

The film stars Ray Liotta, Linda Fiorentino, Peter Coyote, Christopher McDonald, David Paymer, Duncan Fraser, Caroline Elliott, Colleen Rennison and Kim Cattrall.


“The image has a dynamic momentum for the first hour, aided by a believable performance from Liotta, which is always better when she’s completely freaked out. […] The second half of Unforgettable dissolves in a puddle of cliches, bad acting, logical holes and crummy writing…” Blu-ray.com

“Certainly, Unforgettable is well put together – well directed, well edited and well photographed. However, the theme of the serum that allows people to relive the memories of others is well worn – one that, like the precognition thriller, has been overused. […] We held out hope that Unforgettable would do something new and original with the idea. Moria

“Like any good overdone mad scientist movie, Unforgettable features everything and more, including exploding labs, chase scenes, a shooting at a church baptism, a woman tied to a chair in a burning room, a massacre in a pharmacy, the adultery, alcoholism and broken marriages. On top of that, whenever the story gets a little boring or Dahl decides (for some reason) a shock is needed, Briggs has an unexpected flashback or hallucination. A wasted life


Contemporary reviews:
“…a rather twisted, contrived but entertaining story.”

“On a purely visceral level, the film works better. At its best, Unforgettable is reminiscent of the first Hitchcock in the way it unearths great suspense in familiar situations, like a long foot chase and a supermarket robbery. The performances are Liotta is an ideal choice: even in his most sympathetic form, he seems capable of great evil – he has the eyes of a madman – but the film settles the question of his guilt too soon. , February 23, 1996

“Even if it’s done well, Unforgettable is also whimsical, with too much of the plot revolving around voyeuristic tricks […] As wacky as it sounds, it’s not boring. Mr. Dahl’s visual imagination is in full swing, even if his storytelling doesn’t show much willingness to escape the B-movie sphere.” The New York Times, February 23, 1996

“In a series of searing cuts, Dahl shows three things: the murder, the murder from the victim’s point of view (what Krane sees), and Krane. The scene is brilliant and heartbreaking – and even more heartbreaking for the emotional component. For a good 45 minutes out of its two hours of battery life, Unforgettable places the viewer in a state of oppressive tension. The rest of the time, you’re just nervous. San Francisco Chronicle, July 26, 1996


Main actors and characters:
Ray Liotta … David Krane
Linda Fiorentino … Martha Briggs
Peter Coyote … Don Bresler
Christopher McDonald … Stewart Gleick
David Paymer … Curtis Avery
Duncan Fraser … Michael Stratton
Caroline Elliott … Cara Krane
Colleen Rennison … Lindy Krane
Kim Cattrall … Kelly
Stellina Rusich … Mary Krane
Kim Coates … Eddie Dutton
Saraphina Joachim … Sheila Wills
Garwin Sanford … Joseph Bodner
Jenafor Ryane … Donna Berman
Jim Broyden … Boyfriend
Dean Choe … assistant pharmacist
Mike Crestejo … Pharmacist

Filming locations :
Seattle, Washington
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Technical details:
1 hour 57 minutes
Audio: DTS | Dolby Digital
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1

Box office:
Unforgettable was, unfortunately, a box office bomb, taking just $2,821,671 in the United States off a reported budget of $18 million.


NB. This post is dedicated to the late Ray Liotta. He was randomly chosen from his filmography to avoid the obvious movies we had seen (good guys; et al) and, while it’s an absolute schlock, it’s utterly entertaining nonsense that benefits from Liotta’s committed performance.

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