UNSHELTERED (2022) Horror Thriller Preview

“They can run from the storm, but can they run from their death? »

Homeless is a 2022 American horror-thriller about five college students who disappear while taking shelter from a storm.

Directed by Marcus Small – who is making his directorial debut – from a screenplay co-written by Luis Canales and Marelize Roets. Produced by James Keitel, Ray Lloyd, Eric Miles, Murepha Small and Daniel Springen.

Movie stars with Raven Wynn (Have I got?), Ray Lloyd, Tanya Wheelock, Caleb Martin, Melina Kay, Michael A. Quill, Christian Rivera, Chauntel Hall, Josh May, Edgar Tomas Lopez, Jim Moore, Luke Drifter and Missy Miller.


In 2017, five college students decided to escape mother nature’s path. When things took a turn, they had to seek shelter… and were never seen alive again.

Release date:

Homeless will be released on digital and on demand (VOD) on February 25, 2022.


Cast and characters:

Raven Wynn … Emily Park
Caleb Martin … Aaron Somerfield
Chauntel Hall … Michelle Harris
Melina Kay … Ana Garcia
Edgar Tomas Lopez … Mohamed ‘Mo’ Toma
Tanya Wheelock … Rachel Kranstin
Ray Lloyd … Interviewer
Michael A. Quill … Detective Quill
Christian Rivera … Journalist
Josh May … the propeller man
Jim Moore … Officer Moore
Missy Miller … Mrs. Somerfield
Luke Drifter … Homeless


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