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  • The mysterious bookstore is the perfect place for Sherlock Holmes fans
  • Innocent until proven guilty with these crime clubs

Book lovers and mystery fans should head to Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood for the oldest and largest bookstore specializing in mystery in all of America, the famous Mystery Bookstore. Opened in 1979 by Otto Penzler, this much-loved bookstore is a must-visit for any New Yorker or visitor who wants to experience the authentic, old-school charm of New York City, long before so many of its unique shops were taken over by supermarkets. branded shops or cafes.

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Here are all the important details about the famous Librairie Mystérieuse, a one-of-a-kind place where readers are bound to get carried away with a mystery or two.

A thriller for the ages

Opened in 1979 by Otto Penzler, it was determined to transform the genre of detective fiction, which, while still popular, has not always garnered appreciation from the literary world. As founder of The Mysterious Press, Penzler is the publisher of countless mystery anthologies that garner worldwide attention. His office, located inside the bookstore, is bounded by yellow police tape warning “Crime scene, do not cross” to anyone browsing the shelves.

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Entering The Mysterious Bookshop is an often overwhelming experience. Everywhere you look, from the floor to the impossibly high ceilings where books can only be reached by a ladder, shelves, tables and racks – any available space – is taken up with mysteries, detective threads, crime fiction and murderous tales. For those truly dedicated to the genre, check out one of the sections called Bibliomysteries, a term coined by Penzler that refers to mysteries involving other mystery books. The entire bookstore isn’t just a place to get a good mystery recommendation and buy a good read; it’s practically a sanctuary for a beloved genre that seeks to scare, surprise, and confuse its readers.

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The mysterious bookstore is the perfect place for Sherlock Holmes fans

What mystery shop would be complete without the ultimate detective himself? And Mysterious Bookshop doesn’t just have a decent selection of Sherlock Holmes books – it has, quite literally, the largest collection in the world. The shop has original first editions and even marks Sherlock’s birthday every year with an open house. Could travelers get lost in the famous detective section? Sure! Or rather, “Elementary, my dear Watson…”

Innocent until proven guilty with these crime clubs

One of the most endearing features of The Mysterious Bookshop are the many crime clubs that its fans and literature lovers can join. From its beginnings as a bookstore, Penzler offered readers the opportunity to join one of their subscription clubs, which enabled book lovers to receive signed first editions from authors of popular mystery novels. Club members receive a first signed edition each month.

Here is a list of the eight crime clubs in The Mysterious Bookshop:

For travelers visiting New York or New Yorkers who just can’t put down a good book, head to Tribeca for a bookstore with old-school charm. Filled with floor-to-ceiling mystery books, this store features murders, jaded detectives, and unsettling truths. Can you handle it? Join one of their many crime clubs and find out. Or, for those who simply want to expand their love of literature and rediscover the genre of mystery, The Mysterious Bookshop offers great books, knowledgeable staff, and cozy nooks to open a book and get lost. For this largest mystery bookstore in America, readers will be thrilled to discover a treasured story every time they step inside. And what is life, of course, without a little suspense and mystery? As the sign on the door says, “Come in and Detective”,…

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