Where to get help with debt

Paying off your credit card debt can seem like an impossible task at first, especially when you’re short on income. It’s understandable that the whole process can become overwhelming if you don’t know where to start and if you don’t know where the best place to find help is when it comes to getting rid of your debts. .

However, there are actually plenty of options to help you out, so there’s no need to get too stressed out about it. Here are some options for getting help with debt that are worth considering when working to pay off your credit card debt.

Debt relief companies

Debt relief programs are available. They are usually offered by for-profit organizations and involve them reaching an agreement with your credit card company on how to settle your debt. The settlement usually involves a large sum paid but does not cover all of the debt you owe.

In order to be able to provide the large sum, the company requires you to deposit money in a monthly savings account and transfer it to a temporary deposit account. This will eventually save you enough money over time to pay off your debts. It also involves advising the debtor to freeze any payments made to the credit card company.

Freedom Debt Relief provides the four phases typically involved in a credit card debt relief program: build, negotiate, settle, freedom.

To construct

The account you deposit your money into each month is a dedicated FDIC account controlled by you. As your cash accumulates, the debt relief company creates a plan to help you pay off your debt.

To negotiate

When there is enough cash accumulated in your account, the relief program negotiates with your credit card company to settle the debts for a payment less than what you owe.


Those who negotiate talk to your credit company to try to save you as much as possible on what you owe. Authorization is always requested from the debtor each time a debt is settled to ensure that your will is always honored.


When all debts are cleared, you no longer owe any money. You are released from your credit card debt.

In addition to for-profit debt relief companies, you can also seek help from non-profit debt relief companies (although there aren’t that many). They can provide you with a free initial consultation and help you with budgeting and paying off debt.

Points to consider

It is also necessary that you understand some of the important points to consider when settling your debts with a debt relief company before enrolling:

  • They often require you to deposit money in the savings account for at least 36 months before your debts are cleared. Be sure to review your budget before getting involved in a program.
  • Make sure the debt relief company you choose can settle all your debts. Understanding all of the interest charges involved that are set by the company will be important to note first.
  • Make sure and understand the effect registering with the company could have on your credit score. You may be asked to stop sending payments to your credit card company. Late fees can lead to additional debt. Creditors can also chase payments with appeals. these are points to consider to ensure that you are protected against further debt.

It will always be important for you to consider all of your options for getting help with your debts. A great option is to enroll in a credit card debt relief program.

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